'Machine Gun Social' brings controversy to Warren Co. political race

'Machine Gun Social' brings controversy to Warren Co. political race

WARREN COUNTY, OH (FOX19) - There are several issues to consider when voting for a candidate, but a "Machine Gun Social" is at the center of discussion in a key race in Warren County for state representative.

Ron Maag, looking to hold his position after next month's election, is inviting anyone to a campaign fundraiser at the Hob Camp Nature Center for a little shooting.

The Oct. 35 'Machine Gun Social allows supporters to 'shoot different machine guns with instructors and enjoy the day with fellow gun rights enthusiasts,' according to the flyer.

"People get the opportunity which everyone doesn't get to do to shoot a machine gun," said Ron Maag.

"I don't know why it would be so special to shoot machine guns," said Charlene Schneider, Maag's opponent, who stressed she does not understand how this is a social event.

"I find the language somewhat offensive. It seems to me that weapons that were intended to kill people are at odds with the idea of being social," said Schneider.

"The definition of social is people of like-mind getting together for conversation and fun and that's what it is," said Maag, who said he held a successful event similar to the Machine Gun Social two years ago.

Schneider says it's a shame bigger issues aren't taking precedence.

"School funding, community funding, worker's rights, voters rights, women's rights. And here we are talking about playing with machine guns," said

Schneider stresses she's not against guns but is running against Maag because she believes in certain gun restrictions, citing recent school shootings and the people who had access to those weapons.

Maag argues this event has nothing to do with those tragedies but rather is a way to support second amendment rights. NRA instructors will be on hand and the event with safety measures in place.

"Honestly I've been praying that there will be no accident. Would it be good for my campaign if something terrible happened, probably. But that's not how I want to get elected," said Schneider.

The event is Saturday, Oct. 25 from 11 to 3. Voters will have a chance to decide on their State Representative of choice on Nov. 4.

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