City of Cincinnati sees higher number of stolen sewer grates

City of Cincinnati sees higher number of stolen sewer grates

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There has been a number of stolen public storm sewer grates throughout the city of Cincinnati the past two weeks.

In a press release, there has been a number of missing sewer grates in the Riverside and Sayler Park communities.

Missing storm grates result in open holes in the street which are hazardous to any vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians who are walking.

Hillary Cassandra says the total amount that the City has spent on grate thefts this year is estimated at roughly $10,000 due to the mix of employees, contractors and material suppliers involved with the replacement

Each Sewer grates weigh approximately 150 lbs. Under current City contract, the grates cost approximately $65 for material. Replacement of sewer grates by private contractors doing business with the City can be twice as much. This does not include the labor involved with investigation and resolution and/or the cost of locking and others deterrents, according to Cassandra.

On Oct. 13, police found eight unbroken grates in the back of a suspect's vehicle.

If you notice a missing storm sewer grate, you are asked to contact the Stormwater Management Utility of the Departments of Water and Sewers at 352-4900.

If you have knowledge relating to the theft of storm sewer grates or any other public facilities, you are asked to contact the Cincinnati Police Department immediately.

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