Local landlord ordered to pay for lead removal in dozens of rental units

Local landlord ordered to pay for lead removal in dozens of rental units

EAST PRICE HILL, OH (FOX19) - A Cincinnati landlord has reached a settlement with the federal government to remove lead from more than 200 rental units.

Most of those units are scattered over East Price Hill, but the government says tenants were not told their homes may contain the dangerous material.

It's been well documented that lead paint can cause permanent damage in children.

One woman who lives in an East Price Hill home has six children and says she was never told about the presence of lead.

Rashmi Aparajit, the Lead Program Director with the Cincinnati Health Department say failing to notify tenants of lea is a problem.

"That is a problem because you know of known lead hazards in your housing, you've not done anything to eliminate those hazards and you're re-renting to a family with children and they may be exposed to lead poisoning."

The government says Meyer management didn't tell tenants about lead in their homes.

Diane Jay says she was one of them "We rented this house the end of august. Upon renting it we was not told at any time that the house had lead in it."

Aparajit says problems with high lead levels are usually uncovered through mandatory testing of children. "It starts out at the pediatricians office because Ohio law states that every child must be tested, blood lead at ages one and two." 

The Cincinnati Health Department identified at least five children with elevated levels of lead in their blood living in properties owned by Meyer Management and that prompted action by HUD and the U.S. attorney's office.

Under the settlement Meyer management has to clean up lead-based paint hazards in 136 properties. That's $350,000 in lead abatement work plus the company has to pay $7,500 in penalties. 

FOX19 NOW reached out to the owners of Meyer Management. They declined to go on camera, but say they give every tenant a copy of a lead information pamphlet published by the EPA and there is a lead disclosure clause in every tenant's lease.  
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