Dog Saves Woman

A Boone County woman says she's alive right now because of her dog.

Lesia Harrington was asleep on her couch Tuesday morning when she woke up to Bear pawing at her face. Bear is a four-month old German Shepherd who did something the sound of a smoke detector and a burning house could not do; wake up Lesia. "I really, truly, honestly think he saved my life," Harrington says. She woke up to find Bear laying on her chest, anxiously touching her face. "Usually his little claws scratch your face," Harrington says, "but he wasn't scratching, he was patting both sides of my face with his little paws. And that's what woke me up." Harrington says the two got up and ran out the door, seconds before black smoke filled the room and eventually destroyed most of the house. She says Bear was well aware of the danger. "He knew. He knew right away because as soon as I was up, he ran to the door. He was telling me, 'lets go,'" Harrington says. "There's no way I would've made it, if it wasn't for my little buddy."