Missing Delhi boa constrictor reunited with owner

Missing Delhi boa constrictor reunited with owner

DELHI TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - The snake and his neighbors are all sleeping sound Sunday night. The Delhi boa constrictor who left his home a week ago has been found and returned to his owner.

Bedjuin Boaguard's owner Sam Hartung says his 6-foot boa constrictor escaped his backyard during a routine feeding on Oct. 19.

"We had this cardboard box we rigged for it and we put the snake in and dumped the rat in on top. We did that. We thought it was good to go so we left to go on a hike and we were gone for a couple hours and when we got back the rat was still in the box but the snake was gone," said Hartung.

Hartung spent the week searching high and low for his pet. After word got out that the boa was loose, Hartung says volunteers from all over the Tri-State came out to look for him.

Sunday afternoon, the boa appeared on the porch two doors down. Teenagers who were home at the time came to tell Hartung his pet was at their house.

"They came and rang my doorbell a bunch of times and they were like 'We got your snake man! Hurry up!' So I ran outside and they had him like in my neighbor's driveway. I guess they had picked him up and carried him but they didn't want to like hold him I guess so they were like dropping him so I picked him up and tossed him on my shoulders and brought him inside," said Hartung.

Hartung says Bedjuin is a little cold but otherwise just fine. No one knows where he spent the last 7 days but everyone is glad he's home.

"It was sort of on him to turn himself up," said Hartung.

Authorities say the snake never posed a serious threat to people. His owner says he only eats a 10 ounce rodent every two months so they weren't concerned he would suddenly go after dogs or cats.

Hartung says he's thankful for all the people who came out to look for him. They plan to keep feedings indoors from now on.

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