AAA: Gas prices at 49-month low

AAA: Gas prices at 49-month low

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The average price at the pump is at the lowest level since December 2010, according to AAA.

The national average has dropped for 32 consecutive days for a total of 30 cents per gallon. As of Tuesday, the average price was $3.04 and it dropped below $2 on Friday, the AAA auto club found.

Ohio is one of 17 states to have gas prices below $3 a gallon.

Drivers in South Carolina, Tennessee and Mississippi pay the least for gas with Hawaii, Alaska, New York and California being the most expensive states to fuel up.

Gas prices seem to rise in the Spring with an often-heard excuse being the difference between summer and winter blend gasoline.

FOX19 NOW looked at the difference and found it is centered around Reid Vapor Pressure, or RVP. It's basically how easily the fuel evaporates at a given temperature.

Winter blend fuel has a high RVP because the fuel evaporates at low temperatures for the engine to run properly.

Summer blend has a lower RVP to prevent excessive evaporation when outside temperatures rise.

The EPA says summer blend gas has 1.7 percent more energy than winter blend and is more expensive to make.

The switch to winter happens around September, which is why we're currently seeing cheaper prices.

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