City decides how to spend $18 million budget surplus

WATCH: FOX19 NOW Reporter Dan Wells on Cincinnati's $18 million budget surplus

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati city leaders decided Wednesday how to spend the extra $18 million in the 2015 budget.

The city set aside $4.3 million to clear roads and take care of other weather-related issues in case this winter is bad. Another $685,050 will go to retroactive employee salary increases.

Around $4 million available will be used to repay neighborhoods for money borrowed to pay property taxes and $3.3 million will be going to raises for firefighters and police officers as their contracts are negotiated.

The remaining money will be used to fund several other projects.

But one councilman said no decisions should have been made until the community provides more input.

"I'm disappointed that the mayor and council rushed to spend the $18 million surplus almost immediately after we were told it existed," Chris Seelbach said. "This surplus was almost as large as the entire city budget of Norwood. We should have listened to the citizens before taking any action."

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