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The sun may be shining now, but snow could be flying by Halloween. Check out FOX19 Meteorologist Frank Marzullo's extended forecast so you know what to expect as you take your kids trick-or-treating.

Latest headlines:

1. Moms are so upset with one local retailer, they are picketing the company's annual investor meeting. What's behind this controversy, and what does the company have to say?

3. It was bound to happen sooner or later: Police are investigating who made a fake Ebola report that sent Hazmat crews scrambling to an apartment complex. Where was it and will there be criminal charges?

Other top stories to read:

1. A fake ice bucket challenge could lead to a new Ohio law. Find out what inspired it and which lawmaker is backing it.

2. With Halloween around the corner and shoppers looking for costumes, Wal-Mart had to remove some from its website. Find out why.

3. The Cincinnati Zoo is on baby bump watch! Which animal could be expecting next?

4. Orange is the New Black transgender star Laverne Cox visited NKU for LQBTQ history month. Check out the photos from the event here.

5. Three pedestrians were struck in three separate accidents in the Tri-State this morning. One was a high school student. Who was at fault? The drivers, or the pedestrians?

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