Trending Now: Woman with terminal cancer changes death date; Microsoft introduces smart band

Trending Now: Woman with terminal cancer changes death date; Microsoft introduces smart band

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Giants celebrations turn ugly

Celebrations took a rowdy turn last night as Giants fans took over the streets of San Francisco following their team's World Series against the Kansas City Royals.

In photos and videos posted to social media, partiers on the front lines captured fans dancing on vans, setting bonfires in the streets and more. San Francisco Police said a handful of arrests were made and was person sustained a minor injury in the shooting.

Woman with terminal cancer changes death date

A cancer patient who made headlines after publicly announcing her decision to end her life on Nov. 1 has changed her mind.

"I still have enough joy and I still laugh and smile with my friends and family enough that it doesn't seem like the right time right now, but it will come because I feel like I'm getting sicker," said 28-year-old Brittany Maynard in a video posted on Wednesday.

Maynard, who has stage 4 glioblatoma multiforme, moved to Oregon in April after doctors said she had six months to live. Oregon is one of five states to have a Death-With-Dignity law, giving citizens the right to die on their own terms.

Although she has held off on the original date, Maynard maintains that she is sticking with the decision to take medication to end her life and will do so before she becomes too ill.

Microsoft introduces smart band

Microsoft will offer a new smart band by Christmas, joining Apple and Fitbit in the growing arena of wearable technology and smartwatches.

The Microsoft Band was introduced on Wednesday and will cost $199. The Apple Watch starts at $349 and will be unveiled next year. Besides the lower price, the band is set from the Apple Watch in its ability to sync with Apple, Android and Windows smart phones.

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