2-year-old on life support after beating; family wants answers

2-year-old on life support after beating; family wants answers

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A 2-year-old baby girl is fighting for her life and family members say her mother's boyfriend is responsible for the abuse.

Da'nya Williams has been in Children's Hospital since Oct 22, recovering from what family say was a brutal attack.

"It's like a nightmare and I try and stay strong and I try and keep faith but I just feel like my baby's story is being swept up under the rug," said

Chandorian Portis, Da'nya's cousin.

Eight days and still no charges filed. Family members say Williams was put into danger, and there's a history of calls to Job and Family Services.

"It's not fair that she's laying up there in the hospital but the person who put her there is still free," said Shenetta Hughes, Da'nya's grandma.

Williams' cousin Chandorian Portis says she helped take care of Williams all the time. But the two year old lived in an apartment with her mother

and mother's boyfriend, and Portis says there was a prior incident that involved Job and Family services in July.

"There was a couple 241 cases after that and I just felt like no follow up, no follow through, no parenting classes, no anything" said Portis.

Job and Family Services did confirm that they received two phone calls about the care of Williams between July and Mid-October. They say they recently closed the case based on consultation with police.

"I just feel like my baby just fell through the cracks of the system," said Portis.

Family members say Williams is trying to communicate, but they say sadly the outcome doesn't look promising.

"She should be able to run around and be a normal kid and that has been taken from her. It has been stolen so we need answers and we need someone to be accountable for their actions," says Hughes.

Colerain police in conjunction with Cincinnati Police say they have their suspect and charges will depend on the girl's condition. Job and Family

Services are also working with police to find out what happened.

Family tells FOX19 that the mother of Williams is with her in the hospital.

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