FOX19 Investigates: Why is baby crying?

FOX19 Investigates: Why is baby crying?

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - The baby care industry is a nearly $50 billion a year industry, with thousands of products promising to make parenting little ones a little easier. Nearly every day a new product pops up on stores shelves.

FOX19 NOW put the newest high-tech baby products to hit the shelves to the test to see what local moms say.

Edgewood mom Leslie Meier has double the trouble with three-month-old twins Kate and Caroline. The babies are calm most of the time but every evening they hit what mom calls "the witching hour."

"I would definitely say 4-7 p.m. is a fussy time for them, and that's a good one for just being confused about what's going on, why they're so upset," Meier said.

So we gave Leslie the "Why Cry Baby Crying Analyzer" to put to the test. The device claims it can tell by the pitch of a baby's cry whether the baby is sleepy, stressed, bored, annoyed or hungry.

Mom is a bit skeptical. "Is this thing going to work? There's so many indicators... Things like stressed, annoyed, hungry," Meier said.

The MIMO baby monitor claims to be a baby monitor on steroids.

Campbell County mom Tiffany Barnes and 2-month-old Corbin put the MIMO to the test. While baby sleeps, they wear a onesie with a sensor on it. The sensor transmits information to an app on the parent's smartphone or iPad which tells what position baby is sleeping in, a breakdown of how long they've been asleep and awake, and you can even hear them breathing.

See how these moms rated the latest high-tech parenting gear Monday at 10 p.m. on FOX19 NOW.

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