Elderly woman facing drug charges following home invasion

Elderly woman facing drug charges following home invasion

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - An elderly woman, shot during a home invasion, is facing several charges related to the large amount of drugs and the revolver found inside.

71-year-old Judith Sidwell is being treated at UC Medical Center for a gunshot wound to the leg.  She was shot after burglars forced their way into her home in Winton Hills.

Police investigating the home invasion found a stash of drugs.

That comes as no surprise to a concerned neighbor who we'll call Ann to protect her identity.

Ann says since Sidwell moved in three years ago there's been a suspicious flow of traffic.

"Not one car it was like nine to 15 cars at a time. They'd go up on the hill, stay maybe seven to 15 minutes and leave the same way." 

Ann says she suspects drug dealing at Sidwell's home.

"I heard that they were selling medicinal marijuana because you see all ages. I just don't think it was just marijuana. My first thought was pills because I seen older people go up there too, older men. I figured she was selling some type of a pill. I wondered for a while because that window had black garbage bags on it and at first I thought maybe they were doing a meth lab." 

During a search of the home police found two pounds of marijuana, 43 grams of cocaine, 15 klonopin tablets, plus marijuana pipes, digital scales and a 38-caliber pistol.

Ann says the house has been the scene of trouble before involving Sidwell's son.

"Two weeks after he arrived in an airport taxi with a female there was a shooting in the backyard and the response was oh he shot at his girlfriend so the girlfriend left."

Sidwell has been charged with multiple counts of drug possession, drug trafficking and illegal possession of a weapon.

Police are trying to track down the burglars who invaded Sidwell's home.
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