Trending Now: Dad makes daughter wear age shirt as punishment; Actor does spot-on impressions

Trending Now: Dad makes daughter wear age shirt as punishment; Actor does spot-on impressions

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - While you were sleeping, the Internet never stopped. And it's amazing what the Internet comes up with. Check out what people are tweeting, sharing and talking about.

Lauren Hill's story trends worldwide

The NCAA moved up Mount St. Joseph's season opener so Lauren Hill, who has inoperable brain cancer, can play before her condition worsens.

Hill's name went viral worldwide on Sunday as she played that game, with #LayupForLauren and #Play for 22 trending on twitter. While she took the court and scored two points, social media filling with messages from admirers touched by her story.

"So inspired...just finished watchin the Lauren Hill game! Tears of joy pouring down my cheeks. Speechless," WNBA Los Angeles Spark Candace Parker tweeted on Sunday. Parker also said she was dedicating her entire season to Hill.

$22,000 was pledged by via Twitter Bengal Andrew Whitworth to Layup 4 Lauren, a challenge to benefit cancer research. See more social media chatter about Lauren Hill's first college game here.

Dad makes daughter wear "I am 10-years-old shirt"

A Kentucky father made his daughter wear a shirt that read "I am 10-years-old" after he claims he caught her lying about her age and having a boyfriend behind his back.

Kevin Jones, who is also a rapper named Big 7ven, shared the photo of the air-brushed tee with an explanation for its purpose on his Facebook page last week. It has since been shared more than 80,000 times with thousands of comments.

"Since my beautiful daughter wants to be grown and lie about her age … here's the consequences behind her actions," the post read in-part.

While some commenters were supportive of Jones' parenting method, others disagreed and said he is public shaming his daughter for all the world to see.

Kevin Spacey does spot-on celeb impressions

Actor Kevin Spacey can act like other famous people almost as well as he can act in movies.

The Academy Award Winner played a round of "Wheel of Impressions" Friday night on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Watch the amazing video below or here if you're on a mobile device.

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