As holidays near, NE Hamilton County food pantry helps the hungry

NE Hamilton County food pantry helps the hungry (VIDEO)

KENWOOD, OH (FOX19) - For the past 30 years a group of churches and civic organizations have been operating a food pantry out of Kenwood Baptist Church in Northeast Hamilton County.

FOX19's Gordon Graham tells us it's another example of what's working in the Tri-state.

The program is called NEEDS which stands for Northeast Emergency Distribution Services. It provides the kind of services people need when they run out of food and don't have the money to buy more.

Karen Hill gets less than 60-dollars a month in food stamps for herself and her two children, one of which is special needs. She says trying to stretch those food stamps is tough. "When you go into the grocery stores now food prices are higher. They give you less amount in the packages and it's just not working out."

Once every three months struggling people like Karen can get enough food to last several days. Food she says is badly needed.

"I'm thankful that they're here to be able to help out myself and other families. Right now I'm in need so this is really a help."  

The help comes through the generosity of donors like Vicki Sweda of Landon who says hunger is personal.

"It is emotional, very emotional for me," she said. "My family went through some tough times and I would hope nobody has to go through tough times."

Frank Morris is the NEEDS President who says demand for services is greater than ever.

"Regrettably it's grown. We're seeing more and more people needing food and financial assistance even though the recession may be near an end our clients are just exhausted of food and often financial aid as well."  

Clients like a woman we'll call Ms. Jay to protect her identity.

She says feeding her family is hard especially during the holidays. "It's really depressing at this time when you don't have that to put on the table that everybody gets every holiday season. It's really difficult not to be able to provide that."

NEEDS is always look for donations of foodstuffs like canned goods and refrigerated products and a cash is always appreciated.

To contact NEEDS, visit their website at or call 513-891-0850.

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