Owner wants answers after her dog was attacked in Evanston

EVANSTON, OH (FOX19) - An Evanston woman came home Monday night to find her dog beaten and unconscious. Now, she wants answers.

Dog owner Rainell Rice said she received a phone call regarding her 7-year-old dog Angelina Monday night. She was told her dog was dragged down the steps outside her home, strangled and hit unconscious with a rock.

"This was just unjust, there was no reason, she wasn't bothering anyone, she's a very calm dog," Rice said. "She doesn't bark and she was basically helpless. This is my child and I can't tolerate this, I just want justice to be served for her."

Rice says the medical bills are adding up and are approaching $300 because Angelina is being treated for head trauma, possible broken bones and is on several medications.

She also says the yorkie terrier has not been able to eat or drink anything since she was beaten. It is unclear if Angelina will make a full recovery.

According to Rice, a few kids have admitted to police that they were involved in attacking the dog but she says there could be more. Rice wants everyone involved to face consequences for the injuries they caused to her dog.

Police are investigating but no charges have been filed.

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