Trending Now: Tom Brokaw's 'alarming' moment; #ElectionDayPickupLines

Trending Now: Tom Brokaw's 'alarming' moment; #ElectionDayPickupLines

CINCINNATI (FOX19) - Election nights weren't nearly as fun before social media existed. Thankfully it does now, allowing these viral videos and topics to make the rounds while America awaited the results. Check out what people are tweeting, sharing and saying about Election 2014.

'Thumbs down' voter photobombs McConnell

A voter gave Republican Senator Mitch McConnell a thumbs-down Tuesday at a Louisville polling location in what has become a viral photo.

A Getty photographer captured the man voting a few booths behind McConnell making a disapproved face with the gesture.

Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes took the photo as a campaigning opportunity, tweeting it and urging people to vote. The tweet was later deleted.

Tom Brokaw has 'alarming' moment

Even broadcast legend Tom Brokaw has to pick up milk on the way home from work. At least that's how he played off an obnoxiously loud phone alarm during live MSNBC election night coverage.

The warning/siren noise rang in the background for about 10 seconds while the anchors talked politics. Brokaw realized it was his and jokingly took a pretend call about picking up groceries on his way home in an effort to play it off. Watch the video below or here if you're on a mobile device.


"I'm tired of being an independent, can I join your party?"

While you were in line to vote, twitter was coming up with Election Day-themed pickup lines.

#ElectionDayPickupLines has been trending on twitter for 24 hours now. Whether your candidate won or not, these flirty (and mostly cheesy) tweets will bring a smile to your face.

See some standout #ElectionDayPickUpLines here.

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