Mother's heartache: No closure in toddler's death despite conviction

Woman found guilty in crash that killed toddler

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Two years after a fatal crash, a Hamilton County jury handed down a guilty verdict Wednesday to a woman who ran down a mother and her three young children in 2012, killing one of them.

The jury found Sheba Basabose guilty of vehicular homicide for the crash that killed 3-year-old Rodriguez Taylor. She was found not guilty on a count of vehicular manslaughter and an aggravated vehicular assault charge. The jury was hung on another charge.

The sting of losing her child will never go away for mother Jocelyn Austin.

"I used to see him every day and now I don't," Austin said. "I just miss him. Sometimes I just cry."

One day in October 2012, in the early morning hours, a car driven by Basabose would change Austin's life forever.

"It was about 4. We started walking about 4, 4:30, I was walking them to the babysitter," Austin said.

The walk through this part of McHenry was a daily routine for Jocelyn Austin and her boys. It was a 40-minute, pre-dawn walk to the babysitter they took every day.

"I just heard a bump and turned around and she came and hit us. That's when I blacked out," she said.

That car ran straight into Austin and her three of her four boys, who were 1, 3 and 5 years old at the time. Her 3-year old, a happy, playful boy named Rodriguez, better known as "Drico," didn't survive.

"I just woke up seeing my baby in the street," Austin said.

The initial police investigation alleged that Basabose was driving drunk. At trial, she faced four counts, but was convicted on just one count – a lesser charge of vehicular homicide.

"She should have just apologized, and confessed that she did it," Austin said.

While a conviction is good news for Austin, it's not enough.

Austin said Basabose should have to suffer like she's suffering, and serve maximum time.

FOX19 NOW asked Austin if she had any closure after the trial wrapped up. She answered, "No."

Basabose's sentencing is December 8.

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