Election hangover: Cleaning up after the race

Election hangover: Cleaning up after the race

CAMPBELL COUNTY, KY (FOX19) - There may be no other place in the Tri-State covered in political signs quite like Campbell County, Kentucky.

There were 52 political races on the ballot with more than 100 candidates seeking office. Multiply that by several hundred yard signs per politician and you've got a nasty election hangover and a lot of cleaning to do.

"May as well get it over with," said Marc Muench.

The sting of a tough loss doesn't go away overnight. For Muench, pulling up campaign sings all over the county is not the way he hoped to spend his post-election hours but as he says, that's the way politics goes.

Muench retired 5 weeks ago from his position as Florence Fire Chief to run for Campbell County Clerk. Unfortunately, he lost the race. The day after the election he says he'll probably never run for office again.

"My father always told me he said 'Don't get into politics unless you are prepared to lose because there is always a winner and always a loser," said Muench.

When it comes to cleaning up, he's not alone. With so many races going on, Highway 27 through Alexandria is covered in post-to-post political signs even after Election Day.

"When everybody puts out their signs, it really looks like a sign blizzard. In Alexandria we have an ordinance that says they have to be down within ten days after the election," said Mayor Bill Rachford.

Along with just about every other city officer, Rachford had his name on the ballot too. He came out a winner but the rules of campaign clean up still apply.

"My wife and I were pulling them out as we were headed down to the gym this morning," said Rachford.

While he's enjoying a day back at the office, his opponent Barbara Weber is throwing in the her political towel.

"People were nice enough to let you put your signs out here, you need to keep it clean when you take them down," said Weber. "It's a nasty business. People that you think are your friends you find out that they are not your friends."

As a city councilwoman for 16 years, Weber hoped to become the first female mayor in the town's 180 year history. But like a lot of other politicians Wednesday, she was left picking up the pieces of her political dream.

"They've spoken. I've learned a lot in this election and one of them is stay out of politics," said Weber.

Alexandria's Mayor says whatever signs are left after 10 days will be picked up by the public works department. Unfortunately many of them can't be recycled and just like some political dreams, they will be thrown in the trash.

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