Wenstrup: "I think you're going to see things get done in Congress."

Wenstrup: "I think you're going to see things get done in Congress."

The Republican victory blowout in Tuesday's election, giving conservatives control of the U.S. Senate and gaining seats in the U.S. House, stunned even some elected officials like Congressman Brad Wenstrup.

"It was an honor that the people have trusted us with this," said Wenstrup (R-Columbia Tusculum) in an appearance Thursday morning on FOX19 NOW Morning News.

"I was surprised by how overwhelming it was, but I say 'let's not gloat. Let's get our sleeves rolled up here and get to work," he said. "I think people are ready for some type of change within Congress, especially within both the House and the Senate, and this gives us an opportunity to try to return to regular order. I think you are going to see things get done in Congress."

In this session alone, he noted, the House passed 387 bills the Senate never took up.

"That's not what the American people want. We are allowed to debate. We are allowed to disagree. But we have to have the debates and the conversations."

Wenstrup said he will know more about Congress' agenda for 2015 after a GOP conference call later Thursday. But he said he expects lawmakers to tackle "a lot of regular issues."

Healthcare remains a key one, especially when it comes to Obamacare, the controversial overhaul to the U.S. healthcare system.

"The President is never going to say let's repeal this. That's just not going to happen and that's the reality of it," he said. "So we may have to change things little by little. And I think as things are implemented and the American people are really feeling it, they don't have to hear it on the news because they are feeling it home and they are going to want these changes and I hope the President listens."

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