Trending Now: Report identifies Bin Laden shooter; Man to be 'eaten alive' by anaconda

Trending Now: Report identifies Bin Laden shooter; Man to be 'eaten alive' by anaconda

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Bin Laden shooter revealed, report says

Rob O'Neill has been named as the man who fired the shot that killed Osama Bin Laden in 2011, according to multiple reports.

O'Neill's name was revealed ahead of a FOX News interview next week where he was reportedly set to reveal his identity and tell the details of the Pakistan raid, but his father outed the 38-year-old Wednesday to the Daily Mail.

Currently working as a motivational speaker, O'Neill reportedly participated in hundreds of combat missions, two of which were featured in Hollywood films Zero Dark Thirty and Captain Phillips.

The Daily Mail reports O'Neill is upset at the lack of healthcare and retirement after leaving the service and wants to speak out despite the mission's classified nature. Read his father's interview with The Daily Mail here.

Man to be 'eaten alive' on reality TV show

An upcoming Discovery Channel special will feature a man being eaten by an anaconda. Yes, the snake which typically drowns or suffocates its food through force before swallowing it whole.

Naturalist and Film maker Paul Rosolie is the daredevil set to be eaten alive by the anaconda. Discovery has offered few other details on how they'll pull off the stunt, but their web site states he'll be swallowed while wearing a 'custom-built snake-proof suit.'

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