Leah Still helps present $1.3 million check, watches her dad play

Leah Still helps present $1.3 million check, watches her dad play

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - The loudest cheers at Paul Brown Stadium didn't go to a player Thursday night but instead to a 4-year-old girl in a bedazzled #75 jersey.

Leah Still, who is battling stage 4 pediatric cancer, watched her dad Devon play against the Browns and took to the field as the Bengals presented a $1.3 million check in her name to Cincinnati Children's Hospital. That money represents the sale of Still's jersey, which is the eleventh best-selling jersey in NFL history.

Leah's battle with cancer has touched millions across the county and even the Bengals and Browns put rivalry aside as Browns Quarterback Brian Hoyer chatted on-field with Still before offering him a hug.

"I would describe it like an emotional roller coaster. Being out there with my daughter for pre-game, feeling the excitement, going through the game," Still, a defensive tackle, said in post-game interview.

Lauren Hill, the Mt. St Joe basketball player whose battle with a terminal brain tumor also captured the sports world attention, sat with Leah at the game.

"The most emotional part for me was when I looked up and saw her standing next to Lauren Hill," Still said.

Outside PBS, fans tweeted using #LeahStrong, a topic that's received more than 28,000 mentions in the past 24 hours.

In June, Devon announced Leah's stage 4 neuroblastoma diagnosis on Instagram. She is currently being treated at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia where she will return on Saturday.

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