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We're in for a blast of cold air this weekend, followed by a slight reprieve and then a round of arctic air.

FOX19 NOW Meteorologist Frank Marzullo's updated forecast tells you what you expect.

Buzz and Woody are back!

We're expecting the name Friday of a 53-year-old man killed in the freak accident at a Butler County bowling alley. What happened and why federal officials now investigating.

A major automaker expanded an air bag recall in the southern states. Here's the hundreds of thousands of vehicles just added to the list.

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Which property owners will benefit from Cincinnati's streetcar? Our interactive map shows property values and sales along the streetcar route.

Teens accused of cruel ice bucket challenge admit to it, apologize in court

The Navy Seal whose shots killed bin Laden went public in a big way this week. What did he say, and why did it upset federal officials?

A grand jury has cleared a Boone County deputy who shot and killed a 19-year-old girl while breaking up a field party. When will the deputy return to work?

A Columbia Tusculum man was arrested this week for sparking panic at a gas station over the summer. Read what he is accused of doing - and why it involved a Hazmat suit and bucket of dry ice.

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