Cincinnati Christmas Tree arrives at Fountain Square

Cincinnati Christmas Tree arrives at Fountain Square

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's not Thanksgiving yet but if you visit downtown, you'll see Christmas is right around the corner.

The Cincinnati Christmas Tree just arrived in Fountain Square Saturday from Lexington, Ohio.

Now it will take workers at least four days to get the tree decorated, a project headed by the Christmas Lighting Company.

"The lights go dim on the Carew tower when we plug this thing in," joked Mark Macke who is managing the project.

"We'll probably have between 15,000 and 20,000 lights on this tree," said Macke.

This tree is 53 feet tall with a 5 foot Macy's star on top. It takes 200 gallons of water to keep it alive through the Christmas season and Sunday half a dozen workers spent the day climbing the branches to light it up.

"Eh, I've been doing lights for about 20 years," said David Phelps with the Christmas Lighting Company.

Phelps says he's spent most of his years putting up lights for family and friends but this year decided to make money doing what he loves.

"My grandma started it. Her and my uncle always had a big who ha to see who had the best lights every year," said Phelps.

The moment of truth for the Fountain Square tree will come just like clockwork the day after Thanksgiving. They'll throw the switch and Mark Macke has his fingers crossed it works.

"You don't want to shut off power, you know the Griswold Family Christmas," said Macke. "They come down here. They look at the tree. They look at all the lights and it's a good feeling. They love it."

The 2014 tree is actually several feet shorter than usual. The tallest tree ever to grace Fountain Square was 70 feet tall.

The US Bank ice skating rink at Fountain Square is set to open in two weeks, Nov. 21.

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