Feds investigate "possible threat against various national level politicians" in Deer Park

Feds investigate "possible threat against various national level politicians" in Deer Park

DEER PARK, OH (FOX19) - Federal authorities are investigating after a Deer Park man was allegedly found making possible threats against national level politicians, Deer Park police announced early Monday.

"An investigation by Deer Park Police into a minor incident, uncovered a firearm and a possible threat against various national level politicians," department officials wrote in a 6:20 a.m. posting to their Facebook page.

Police responded to a home in the 3900 block of Matson Avenue for a psychiatric emergency the afternoon of Oct. 29, said Lt. Daniel McCormick.

A Deer Park lieutenant on the scene heard a man make threats "toward certain elected officials, and he confiscated a small pistol for safekeeping pending the psychiatric evaluation," McCormick said. "He was concerned enough about what he witnessed to contact federal authorities."

No threats were ever carried out, and no one was hurt.

Authorities are not sure if the suspect ever had contact with the intended victims, whom they declined to identify.

United States Capitol Police flew in from Washington D.C. and, with the assistance of the FBI, interviewed the suspect and searched his home. They found "manifestos,"or documents and writings, McCormick said.

"It was rather surprising when you get a call from the Capitol police that they are flying in for something you thought was rather minor," he said. "It shouldn't be surprising because things like this can happen anywhere at anytime. That's why we like to preach vigilance. Just because it's quiet little Deer Park doesn't mean that things can't happen here. We have to keep our eyes open."

There was never any direct timing or time table for the threats, McCormick said, adding that the man has clear mental problems and, by the end of the interview, "claimed to be Jesus Christ." 

"It was found that his spotty work history placed him in proximity to the objects of his anger," Deer Park police's Facebook posting reads. "The suspect is under emergency commitment for psychiatric evaluation. The investigation has been transferred to federal authorities. At their request the identity of the targets and suspect are being withheld pending a complete investigation and evaluation of the suspect."

The suspect has not been formally charged with a crime. 

He was at a local hospital but may have already been transferred to a federal facility, McCormick said.

Police declined to say where he worked. They referred further questions to Capitol police. An agency spokesman said he had no immediate information.

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