Trending Now: Airline loses passenger's dog; Seahawks pet mascot lands on fan

Trending video: Airline loses passenger's dog; Seahawks pet mascot lands on fan

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Delta loses passenger's dog

You've heard of airlines losing luggage, but one man says an airline lost his dog on a flight from Los Angeles to Tampa last week.

"They sound like they lost a piece of baggage, that's it. He's family. He's like my best friend," said Frank Ramano, who paid $200 for his bull terrier Ty to stay in a crate during the flight. Ramano claims Delta told him that Ty chewed his way out of the crate and have yet to locate the dog at either airport.

"Delta continues to investigate what happened, but early indications show that procedures were followed, and the dog may have compromised the kennel on its own," the company said in a statement.

American Girl dolls go for thousands

Those American Girl dolls that children of the 1990s spent hours playing with are now worth a pretty penny, according to eBay prices.

Former doll owners are buzzing online as multiple outlets have recently pointed out the thousand dollar price tag on certain 'retired' American Girl Dolls, including Samantha, Felicity and Kirsten.

As of this writing, one of the most expensive eBay listings in $3,585 for the Molly doll and comes with her entire furniture and clothing collection. There is no confirmation on whether or not the high-dollar eBay dolls have successfully sold.

Seattle Seahawk takes a detour

In a pre-game tradition, Seattle's live mascot hawk takes a flight around CenturyLink Field before returning to its handler. It decided to take a little detour Sunday before the Seahawks' game and landed right on top of a fan's head.

The fan remained surprisingly calm while the bird perched on his head. The hawk, named Taima, eventually got back to its handler safe and sound. Watch the video of the incident below or here if you're on a mobile device.

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