Not all Veterans see Cincinnati VA Medical Center improvements

Not all Veterans see Cincinnati VA Medical Center improvements

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati's VA Medical Center says changes have already come to this facility and those changes are showing improvements to its operation.

It's easy to spot love for our country with Veteran's Day ahead but some veterans say they don't feel the love they deserve after their years of service.

"Veterans are suffering, and the VA is not fulfilling its obligation," said U.S. Marine Veteran John Waksmundski.

John Waksmundski served as a Marine in the Gulf War. He says he started getting medical help from the VA in 2002.

But in March the VA called him to schedule two final appointments, even though he says medical services are still needed.

Cincinnati's VA Medical Center was flagged for review due to allegations of inappropriate scheduling practices. And, since May, the Medical Center has been working to better serve its patients through the "Accelerating Access to Care Initiative."

"We had Saturday Clinics, we had extended hours, we also had trainings for our schedulers, established a hotline, did a peer-to-peer audit," said Cincinnati VA spokesperson Denise Kerr.

According to the Veteran's Affairs Office in May new primary care patients waited on average about 53 days in Cincinnati.

Nationally the wait time was about 42 days.

As of today, the wait time has decreased to about 32 days.

Cincinnati's VA Medical Center is no longer under review, even though the positive changes aren't seen by everyone.

"I haven't seen the improvements to be quite honest with you, it's been a real disappointment," Waksmundski said. "I am still without care, so nothing has changed for me."

The VA Medical Center is hosting a "town hall meeting" for all of those interested to speak about their concerns. That will be held on December 18 in the auditorium at 6 pm.

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