Rally this weekend for Samantha Ramsey

Rally this weekend for Samantha Ramsey

FLORENCE, KY (FOX19) - Family and friends of the 19-year-old fleeing woman shot and killed by a Boone County deputy are holding a rally after a grand jury refused to indict him.

"Justice for Samantha Ramsey" will take place 2 p.m. Saturday at Mall Road in Florence. Those who attend are asked to park at Florence Mall and walk out to the road, according to a Facebook posting about the event.

A Boone County grand jury last week declined to indict Deputy Tyler Brockman after Special Prosecutor James Crawford presented evidence in the April 26 shooting death of Samantha Ramsey as the deputy tried to break up a field party.

Ramsey - who was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana, according to forensic reports - was trying to flee as the deputy knocked on her window to stop her to see if she was intoxicated.

The teen continued to drive, running over Brockman's right foot.

He landed on her on the hood of her car. Brockman said he felt his life was in danger, so he fired four rounds through her windshield.

She was taken to St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Florence, where she was pronounced dead.

Brockman was treated for his injuries at St. Elizabeth in Edgewood. He is back to work at the sheriff's office and will be back on patrol duty soon.

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