Only Uber/Lyft drivers with permits welcome at CVG

Only Uber/Lyft drivers with permits welcome at CVG

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Social media is buzzing about ride sharing at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport since a Reddit user posted a photo of a CVG sign Tuesday that said ride share operators (like Uber and Lyft) are prohibited on CVG premises.

The sign read:

  • Ride share operators are currently not authorized to pick up customers from the airport
  • In the interest of protecting the customer, CVG mandates proper insurance and other requirements of all ground transportation operators
  • Currently, ride share operators do not comply with CVG's permitting regulations. This may jeopardize your safety
  • CVG encourages you to use one of the authorized ground transportation operators, currently located in the bag claim area
  • Ground transportation operators picking up passengers without a valid CVG-issued permit are subject to fines, legal action, and/or termination of the trip

CVG sent out a tweet Tuesday afternoon, clarifying that permitted Uber and Lyft drivers are allowed at the airport.

According to documents on CVG's website, drivers operating a commercial passenger vehicle with a pre-arranged pick up of 14 people or less must fill out an application for a temporary permit three days prior to the scheduled date.

Drivers who want unlimited access to the airport for an entire year must fill out an application as well as pay $600 plus a $25 application fee. And drivers who just want to obtain a per-trip permit must pay $50 for two years, plus $3 per vehicle when entering the staging lot.

The entire vehicle permit application process is explained in detail on the CVG website.

Officials at CVG also tweeted Tuesday that they welcome Uber Black, which is already permitted and operating on the premise.

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