Data ranks Newport as third most dangerous city in Kentucky

Newport ranks dangerous city

NEWPORT, KY (FOX19) - Newport is the third most dangerous city in Kentucky, according to some newly released data.

In fact, you have a 1 in 11 chance of becoming a victim of crime in the Northern Kentucky city.

"Newport seems to be looking a lot better, I think," said Steven Terry, who works in Newport.

But, it's not that way if you look at the numbers. Home Security Shield, a company that offers home security services and products, ranks the most dangerous cities state-by-state using FBI crime data.

They say Newport's level of danger is worthy of a third-place ranking after adding up violent crimes and property crimes. The company only ranks cities with populations of more than 5,000 people according only to violent crime rates.

"The first thing I thought was it just seems like such a quiet area to be. I do work two jobs here, and honestly, I never really see much of anything," said Terry.

The list ranks the cities solely by violent crime, with Louisville coming in first. When you take into account those numbers, and property crime, Newport actually finishes first.

"I'm new here, but it seems more mellow, more family-oriented that I see. There's a bad area over there by the Licking River that I don't want to walk around, but every city's got a bad area," said Joe Rohraff, who works in Newport.

The biggest problem some see in Newport isn't what's on the list, but rather a drug addiction sweeping the streets.

"Drug use is very rampant. There's paraphernalia around everywhere in the streets, in the gutters, alley ways," Terry told FOX19 NOW.

The question is, does Newport really deserve their distinction?

For a man who's been a victim of crime in neighboring Covington, he doesn't think Newport fits the mold.

"Not at all. I think Covington should be number one, and this should probably be off the list," said Rohraff.

The company also ranked Ohio and Indiana. In Ohio, Middletown, Hamilton and Cincinnati all make the list.

In Indiana, there are no cities of local interest.

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