LIST: 18 first date mistakes

LIST: 18 first date mistakes

Forgetting your dates name? Chewing with your mouth open? These first date no-nos are included on a recent survey that points out faux-pas guaranteed to not get you a second date.

Check out the entire list below: (Via Daily mirror)

1. Forgetting their name mid date

2. Eating like a pig

3. Lateness

4. Counting calories at the table

5. Chewing with your mouth open

6. Burping

7. Running out of conversation topics

8. Only talking about yourself

9. Or worse, talking about your ex

10. Inviting your friends along

11. Talking about long term plans/marriage/children

12. Choosing a bad date location

13. Getting really drunk

14. Being on your phone


16. Checking other people out

17. Being rude to waiters/bar staff

18. Arguing over the bill