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Trending Now: Mom faces charges over vegan diet; Trailer shows Robin Williams in posthumous film

Sarah Markham and her son. (CNN) Sarah Markham and her son. (CNN)
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Mom faces criminal charges over vegan baby formula

A 12-day-old baby was taken from his mother in June after she allegedly refused to seek medical treatment for the child, who was 10 percent underweight and dehydrated.

Sarah Markham, of Casselberry, Fla., was told to take her son to the hospital but instead tried supplementing breast milk with baby vegan formula. She reportedly refused physician prescribed formula because she did not agree with the animal ingredients, according to reports.

After five months apart, mother and son were reunited Wednesday when a judge threw out the custody case, but Markham is still facing criminal neglect charges.

Markham told WPTV outside the courtroom reunion that she ecstatic to have the child back and that the baby, now at 17 pounds, is on the same diet.

“He's still on a soy formula- he's been on it he likes it he's doing well he's growing healthy and I can't ask for anything more,” said Markham.

New trailer shows Robin Williams in first posthumous film

A new trailer for ‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb' was released Tuesday and shows Robin Williams in one of his final roles.

Williams shines in his comedic element, reprising his role as President Theodore Roosevelt for the third time. It is one of four completed films that Williams left behind after his August death.

‘Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb' comes out Dec. 19. See Williams and the rest of the cast in the new trailer below or here if you're on a mobile device.

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