11 things not to buy on Black Friday

11 things not to buy on Black Friday

FOX19 - There's no doubt Black Friday will offer some killer deals, but don't be fooled by the hype. All items are not treated equally when it comes to holiday shopping sales, especially things like furniture, gift cards and clothing.

Check out these 11 things NOT to buy on Black Friday, from DealNews.com.

Brand-Name Smart TVs

Black Friday made its name on super low TV prices, but that doesn't mean every TV sees great deals during the shopping holiday. Premium smart TVs usually hang out at the top of the price spectrum anyway, and these in-demand sets are less likely to see doorbuster discounts during Black Friday, according to Deal News. They suggest looking for sets after the Consumer Electronics Show (held every January in Las Vegas), when manufacturers reveal their TVs for the new year.

High-End Laptops

The Black Friday season makes November the best month of the year for buying a laptop ... unless you're in the market for a high-performance machine, such as Intel's Core i7 models. They actually see better prices during the summer back-to-school sales, Deal News says. July and September tend to be the standout months for these rigs, with deals that are 9% cheaper (about $50 on average) than November.

Latest Fire Tablets

Amazon recently revamped its Fire tablet lineup and Deal News says that means we'll see sales on the old Kindles. In the past it's all but impossible to find a deal on recently-released Amazon tablets during Black Friday. Deal News only saw a total of two discounts on the then-new Kindle Fire HDX during Cyber Week last year.

Designer Clothing

Deal News tells label lovers to stick to the outlets on Black Friday because luxury clothiers traditionally offer very little to bargain hunters considering designer brands don't really "do" sales any other time of the year.


Tools won't be totally skippable on Black Friday, Deal News says. Black Friday is still the best time all year to score really cheap hand tools. However, the Deal News November buying guide claims the month of December actually has the edge in tool sales.

Airfare & Vacation Packages

Hotel sites offer superior discounts on Black Friday, but Deal News says this just isn't the time to book a flight or plan a vacation. Black Friday deals in the past have been virtually indistinguishable from airline and vacation package prices put out the rest of the year. Deal News suggests planning travel in January when more deals are typically available.

Home & Patio Furniture

Furniture is largely ignored on Black Friday and many high-end furniture shops don't even hold Black Friday sales. This is because most retailers heavily discount these items in the warmer months, with home furniture seeing a huge spike in deals in July and August, and patio furniture clearance sales dominating in August and September, according to Deal News.

Chocolates & Flowers

Gifts like chocolates gets little deals during Black Friday. Deal News reports seeing a small spike in these deals during the 2013 Black Friday season, overall November 2013 saw the fewest offers in this category all year.

Exercise Equipment

Deal News research shows you'd be better served by waiting a few weeks after Black Friday to purchase exercise equipment. While they report a decent number of sporty deals during Black Friday, November is among the worst months to make a purchase in this category. December reportedly sees an uptick in both the quantity of exercise equipment offers and the quality.

Gift Cards

You can find gift card deals during Black Friday, but it is a product category where a little patience goes a long way, Deal News says. Discounted gift cards are ample in December, especially those from iTunes. Last year, Deal News saw so many gift card deals in December, we had to publish a weekly feature just to keep track of them all.

Winter Gear

This is a category that actually sees a lot of discounts during Black Friday, but is still worth passing up, according to Deal News. Winter clothing is in-stock everywhere in November because it is a Winter month. Deal News says you'll see the best deals on these items during winter clearance sales in January through March.

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