AAA winter driving tips

AAA winter driving tips

FOX19 - Much of the Tri-State is facing a winter storm warning and snow accumulation is expected to reach more than four inches in some areas by Monday morning.

AAA is reminding motorists to drive safe out there with these helpful tips:

  • Drive distraction free- According to AAA, looking away from he road for just two seconds doubles your risk of being in a crash
  • Do not use cruise control and avoid tailgating- Following distances should be increased from three to four seconds to eight to 10 seconds. If you are driving on the highway, stay in the clearest lane, avoid changing lanes and try not to drive over built-up snow. Using cruise control can slow your response times so try not to use it.
  • Know when to brake and when to steer- When traveling over 25 mph, AAA recommends steering over breaking because less distance is required to steer around an object than brake before hitting it. If you are going to brake, make sure you are looking 20 to 30 seconds ahead of your vehicle.
  • Stay in control through a skid- Don't panic if you start to skid! Steer in the direction the car needs to go and avoid slamming on the brakes.

According to officials from the City of Cincinnati, crews pre-treated the roads throughout the day Sunday to prepare for the expected snow.  They say crews will continue to work throughout the night and Monday morning to make the commute as safe as possible.

Officials say they started the season with 20,000 tons of salt and 77 vehicles for snow and ice control.

For more driving tips, check out the AAA website.

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