FOX19 Investigates: Hundreds of teachers disciplined by state Department of Education in Ohio and Kentucky

Hundreds of teachers disciplined by state Department of Education in Ohio and Kentucky

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Stacy Schuler. Sarah Jones. Julie Hautzenroeder.

They are former Tri-State teachers whose names are well-known for crossing the student-teacher boundary.

Stacy Schuler is the former mason teacher convicted of drinking, smoking pot and having sex with five of her former students.

Sarah Jones, the former Bengals cheerleader and Dixie Heights High School English teacher found guilty of sending sexually-explicit text messages to and having sex with one of her 17-year old students.

And Julie Hautzenroeder is the former Colerain High School science teacher put behind bars, found guilty of drinking vodka, smoking pot and having sex with two of her students.

But a recent FOX19 Investigation uncovered hundreds of teachers in Ohio and Kentucky who never made the headlines, but were disciplined by the state for conduct issues since 2012.

More than one thousand Ohio teachers had action taken against their teaching licenses during that time period. In Kentucky, there were nearly 900 teachers. Of those provided by the Kentucky Professional Standards Board, 123 of the cases were later dismissed. But in Indiana, there were only 23 teachers disciplined by the state.

We took what we found straight to parents.

"This is shocking. That's a big list that I see," said Sharon George, mother of two children in the Lakota School District.

What shocked Sharon George even more is that six of the educators on the list were with Lakota schools. They were disciplined for things like failure to maintain appropriate student-teacher boundaries, conduct unbecoming a teacher and smelling of alcohol and showing signs of being intoxicated at work.

"I go to all of the schools. Been substitute teaching for several years and I've never heard any of these stories before," George said after looking at the 175-page document full of hundreds of teachers' names supplied by the state of Ohio.

Across the Tri-State, there are dozens of teachers who have been suspended or had their licenses permanently revoked.

A teacher in Hamilton who threw a chair hitting two students.

A teacher in the Cincinnati Archdiocese who kicked a student in the side. Another was charged with gross sexual imposition.

A Mount Healthy teacher who used a wrestling style move to flip a student onto his back.

In Hillsboro, a teacher was physically rough with special needs students.

A Loveland teacher was charged with public indecency.

A Beechwood high school teacher was disciplined for assault.

A Highlands High School teacher was disciplined for having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

The Ohio Department of Education has a professional conduct office that investigates claims against teachers and takes action when they find wrongdoing.

FOX19 Investigative reporter asked the Ohio Department of Education spokesperson, John Charlton, "what's your message to parents who see this (document) and wonder what the heck is going on with these teachers?" Charlton responded," I think when you look at the number of referrals and disciplinary action we take you'll see it's a small percentage of educators"

But that small percentage of teachers adds up to far too many for parents.

"It is shocking and it's scary and I think we just have to pray really hard that these things come out in the open much, much more," George said.

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