Tri-State prepares for the snow

Tri-State prepares for the snow

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - It's the talk of the town – the first big snow event is on its way to the Tri-State.

"We have some drivers coming in today on their day off putting every single truck out on the road to be available," said Joe Padgitt, a fleet supervisor for AAA.

Locally, AAA has already helped about 2,000 this weekend, and expect to help plenty more through the overnight on Sunday into the early hours of Monday morning.

Area road crews are getting ready, too. They're filling up their trucks with salt, ready to treat local roads and highways.

"We have 11 domes across the county that we draw from. Our crews will be ready to go on demand," said Ted Hubbard, Hamilton County Engineer.

Because of impending snowfall, a Fort Thomas woman and her son spent Sunday afternoon shopping for the essentials at Kroger in Newport.

"I wanted to have some cookies to make that we can make tomorrow if we're going to be off, and to get a shovel for the snow tomorrow," said Kristina Hagedorn of Fort Thomas.

She's not the only one who had that idea.

"It took me 20 minutes to find a parking space," said Vincent Lane of Erlanger.

Lane and his son spent the afternoon at the grocery store stocking up their pantry and refrigerator.

"We stopped to stock up on things that we don't have at home - food, drinks, desserts," Lane said.

Road crews are hoping you won't have to tap into those emergency supplies by keeping the roads free and clear. They're stocked up and ready to go after a winter last year that left Tri-State communities scrambling to find salt to treat the roads.

"Salt is being bought at a premium this year. Because of the high demand, we're all facing that situation so we're going to try to stretch supplies as much as possible," Hubbard told FOX19 NOW.

They're not the only ones stockpiling. Bag after bag of salt were being packed into trunks of cars at local hardware stores, too.

"If we don't use the salt tomorrow, I will be super, super happy. But, if I need it, we have it," said Elizabeth McDougal of Fort Thomas, who bought several bags of salt at a local Lowe's location on Sunday.


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