CPD: Gang members decreasing

CPD: Gang members decreasing

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Gang activity continues to steadily rise throughout the United States, despite law enforcement's attempts to deal with the epidemic. Here in the Tri-state, Cincinnati Police are out in search of suspects connected to gang violence and say the amount of gang-involved individuals is decreasing.

Many of the suspected targets are involved in crimes ranging from drug trafficking to homicide, according to officers in the special investigative unit. Officials say hundreds of suspects have been arrested so far this year in gang crackdowns.

"Currently we have about 998 identified gang or group involved members in the city compared to 1300 when we did the last refresh (of intelligence) about 5 or 6 months ago, that correlates to about 45 gangs in the city of Cincinnati," said Captain Paul Neudigate, Special Investigations Section Commander of the Cincinnati Police Department

Police have also created a "social network database" to track suspected gang leaders and associates, in hopes of targeting the leadership.

CPD reportedly continues to get the most violent offenders off the street -- the ones who are out robbing people at gunpoint, the ones who are involved in the felonious assaults the shootings.

Investigators say when you start disrupting gang networks, police are affecting their ability to commit the crimes in local neighborhoods.

"Gang activity is spread out throughout the city, but unfortunately it is concentrated in a few districts. Primarily Districts 1, 3 and 4, of course you have Over-the-Rhine, the West End, you'll have gang activity in Price Hill and then in District four primarily in Avondale, said Captain Paul Neudigate.

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