Trending Now: Newscaster wears same suit for one year; Stars record Christmas song in #BandAid30

Trending Now: Newscaster wears same suit for one year; Stars record Christmas song in #BandAid30

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Anchorman wears same suit for one year, no one notices

An Australian newscaster wore the same suit for one year to prove a point about double standards for the appearances of women and men.

Karl Stefanovic's blue suit is now famous after he pointed out the fact that he's had it on for 365 days – a fact he claims no one ever noticed or bothered him about.

"Women are judged much more harshly and keenly for what they do, what they say and what they wear," Stefanovic is quoted as saying in the Sydney Morning Herald. The experiment was sparked by the criticism his Australia Today Show co-host, Lisa Wilkinson, says she endures on a daily basis when it comes to her clothes and hair.

"I've worn the same suit on air for a year – except for a couple of times because of circumstance – to make a point," Stefanovic said. Only his co-host and one member of the crew knew about the silent protest.

#BandAid30: Music stars record charity Christmas tune

A group of some of the hottest names in music got together to record a Christmas song and raise funds in the fight against Ebola.

One Direction, Bono, Seal, Ellie Goulding and more artists cover the 1984 Band Aid song "Do They Know it's Christmas?" – A song that's sure to become a Christmas 2014 staple.

Funds from the sale of the song will go towards eliminating Ebola in Africa, where thousands have died from the deadly outbreak. The single was released on Sunday and has already 'gone manic', according to the Daily Mail.

It's been 30 years since the original Band Aid charity supergroup recorded the song to raise money for famine relief in Ethiopia. The 2014 version includes a new lineup of artists and lyric changes to reflect the Ebola crisis.

The line from 1984 says "Where the only water flowing is the bitter sting of tears." It has been replaced with "Where a kiss of love can kill you and there's death in every tear." Watch the music video here if you're on a mobile device.

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