Trust Steve: How abnormal are these temperatures?

Trust Steve: How abnormal are these temperatures?

I have been asked a number of times today if this degree of cold is unusual and a glance at the weather database I have maintained for many years reveals that this is not just unprecedented cold but it is historic.

If my forecast verifies, we will be able to say that it has never before been this cold so early in the season. Tomorrow's cold may turnout to be historic indeed.

I am predicting a low of 9° tonight and a high of 23° for tomorrow. The coldest low ever recorded on Nov. 18 for Cincinnati is 12° way

back in 1880. The coldest the high temperature for the date is 26° set back in 1951 and that's before I was born so I guess it qualifies as a

long time ago too.

But wait there's more!!!

If we dip into the single digits tomorrow morning it will be the earliest it has ever been that cold in ALL CINCINNATI WEATHER HISTORY.

In addition if the high stays colder than 25° it will be the earliest in the season that we have gotten that cold.

As it now stands the earliest Cincinnati has dropped to single digits is Nov. 19. That was in 1880. The earliest the high temperature

did not make it to 25° was November 20 in 1937.

Get ready historic cold is on the way!

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