Larry Molloy gets 5 years for vehicular homicide

Larry Molloy gets 5 years for vehicular homicide
Damion Henderson's mom wore a shirt with his number on it (FOX19/Mike Buckingham)
Damion Henderson's mom wore a shirt with his number on it (FOX19/Mike Buckingham)

FOX19 - Larry Molloy learned of his fate Wednesday when he was sentenced for the crash that killed a 16-year-old boy earlier this year.

Molloy was charged with vehicular homicide earlier this year for the death of Damion Henderson. Henderson was thrown from Molloy's car on Interstate 275 in March, suffering fatal injuries. According to police, Molloy gathered up cans of alcoholic beverages after the crash and threw them over an overpass. On top of vehicular homicide, Molloy was also charged with reckless homicide, tampering with evidence and endangering children.

Molloy pled guilty to aggravated vehicular homicide Tuesday morning. That charge has a mandatory five year sentence and a maximum nine year sentence. The judge agreed to give him five years and drop the remaining charges.

Prosecutor Richard Gibson says one of the main reasons Molloy got the minimum sentence is because he refused to take a sobriety test the day of the crash.

"He didn't take a test so we don't have a numerical determination that, in fact, he was over the legal limit," Gibson said. "We would have had to shown that he was impaired by his action and, you know, maybe we would have show that, maybe not. In the end, as long as he was agreeing to plea to that, we were willing to set the sentence that wasn't quite the maximum sentence to hold him accountable for what we believe he did."

But Henderson's mother Kimberly said that, while nothing will bring her son back, five years is just not enough.

"Five years is not nearly enough when you lose your child for someone's irresponsible actions," she said. "But like I said at the beginning, time isn't going to bring Damion home."

Molloy had his attorney read a statement in court apologizing to the family. But Damion's father, Michael Henderson, said he doesn't believe Molloy is truly sorry.

"Larry Molloy has never said he's sorry up until today," Michael said. "It's been 8, 9 months now and this is the first time I've ever heard any words from Mr. Molloy. And I still today don't think he's sorry for what he did."

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