Reality Check: Executive Action Immigration

Reality Check: Executive Action Immigration (VIDEO)

(FOX19) - "We're going to fight the President tooth and nail if he continues down this path," Speaker of The House John Boehner said.

Congressman Boehner is leading the chorus of Republican lawmakers who say President Obama is overreaching his authority on immigration and Boehner has some democratic support for a Congressional solution. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown tells me that Congress should be relied on to solve the immigration dilemma, although he says if Congress can't come up with a viable solution the President can do so on his own.

"I think we've got to find a way through legislation if possible. If not, the President will use the powers given to him by the Constitution to do what he can to fix this very broken system," says Brown.

Obama is not the first President to go it alone on immigration; In 1987 Ronald Reagan used his executive authority to provide deportation protection for children of illegals granted amnesty the year before by Congress. And in 1990 President George H W Bush signed an order assisting up to 1.5 million spouses and children of former illegal aliens. Why did Reagan and Bush act without Congress? Maybe they knew then what hundreds of economists know now; that immigrants, even those who are here illegally, are good for business. And nowhere is that more true than right here in Ohio.

According to the most recent numbers available, approximately 100,000 unauthorized immigrants in Ohio paid nearly 14 million in state income taxes in a single year, more than 6 million in property taxes, and more than 52 million in sales taxes. Revenue that helped to pay for cops and firefighters and teachers. Deporting all of the illegal immigrants would cost Ohio $4 billion in economic activity, nearly $2 billion in gross state product and more than 25,000 jobs.

Lawmakers can argue over the constitutionality of any executive action Obama takes on immigration but there's no disputing the fiscal impact undocumented immigrants have on the Buckeye State. That's the bottom line, and that's Reality Check

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