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Trending Now: 'Normal' Barbie comes with stretch marks & cellulite; Dad can't stop laughing when scolding kids

The Lammily doll next to a traditional Barbie doll. (Buzzfeed) The Lammily doll next to a traditional Barbie doll. (Buzzfeed)
The stretch marks featured in the 'Lammily Marks' sticker pack. (Buzzfeed/Lammily) The stretch marks featured in the 'Lammily Marks' sticker pack. (Buzzfeed/Lammily)
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Video shows lock down moments during FSU shooting

Three students were injured Thursday when a gunman opened fire at Florida State University. The suspected shooter was killed by police when he failed to drop his weapon, officials say.

Video reportedly taken inside Strozier Library, where the shots were fired, shows students huddled in lock down as a voice in the intercom announces there has been a shooting, saying “If anybody has been shot, call 911 on your cell phone.”

Officials say the library was packed with nearly 400 students studying for finals when the shots were fired around midnight.

“Please say a prayer for us. We're stuck in a library with a shooter in the building. #FSU” read a student's tweet, which was one of the first social media postings about the shooting.

“This is an isolated incident and one person acting alone," Tallahassee police Chief Michael DeLeo said at a press conference. "There's no indication of any further threat to anybody." The identity of the gunman has not been released.

Two victims were taken to the hospital, one in critical condition and the other stable, according to CNN. The third victim was treated and released at the scene.

‘Normal' Barbie comes with curves and stretch marks

The Lammily Doll, also known as a ‘normal' Barbie recently hit shelves and has been widely praised for offering children a doll that realistically looks like an average women.

Manufacturers are already offering an accessory for the Lammily Dolls: An add-on sticker pack that allows the owners to give the dolls cellulite, acne, bruises and stretch marks.

“I feel that, right now, dolls are very ‘perfect' looking, when, in real life, few of us have perfect skin,” Designer Nickolay Lamm said to the Herald Sun. “So, why not give dolls a ‘real treatment?' Things like acne, stretch marks, and cellulite are a natural part of who we are.”

Lamm says he hopes the realistic nature of the dolls will be more relatable to girls. He designed the dolls after the body of a 19-year-old woman using data from the Center for Disease Control.

Put to the test, Lammily fares well against Barbie as seen in a YouTube video showing how second-graders reacted to the doll. Watch it below or here if you're on a mobile device.

Dad scolds kids for paint mess, can't stop laughing

Young brothers caught covered in paint have gone viral on YouTube.

A California father recorded the moment he found his sons covered head-to-toe in art supply paint. While dad tried to give them a stern talk and insists they're in “big trouble”, he just couldn't keep it together.

There are a couple moments when he bursts out laughing, prompting the innocent boys to inquire what's so funny. Watch the video below or here if you're on a mobile device.

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