Mom of girl who was attacked by dogs speaks out

Mom of girl who was attacked by dogs speaks out

WESTWOOD, OH (FOX19) - It's been nearly six months since a pair of pit bulls nearly

right in front of a house along Westwood's Aquadale Lane.

The little girl spent 60 days in the hospital and faces more medical procedures for years to come.

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She still bears the scars of that terrible attack, but Zainabou is back in school, plays with her siblings and still has the curiosity of a typical six year old. However, without a tongue she can't talk, but her mother, Tanina, says she can communicate with her siblings through a kind of vocalization.

"They always say they understand what she's saying even though she's not talking or using her communication device."  

Tanina, says she has a lot to be thankful for.

"I'm thankful that she's still here. Because that day when I saw her and I kept hitting that dog and he wouldn't let her go and I'm just...and she wasn't moving. I almost just passed out." 

Police rescued Zainabou and firefighters got her to the hospital quickly.

Tanina will have a chance to thank them all during a fundraiser Nov. 28 at the Horseshoe Casino sponsored by the Sentinel Police Association.

Rodney Pompey, Vice-President of the Association says the Drame family deserves their support.

"We simply want to do all we can to help this family. We want to continue the tradition of the Sentinel Police Association of giving back to the community." 

There will be a live music, food and a tribute to the police and firefighters who helped save Zainabou's life.

Cincinnati Childrens Hospital is taking the lead in Zainabou's rehabilitation, plus she's getting physical therapy and counseling to help her deal the with trauma that nearly ended her life.


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