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Snow Leads to Leaky Roofs

     For many of you it feels like the snow is melting inside your home.   Leaky rooftops, wet ceilings, walls and carpets can be found all over the Tri-State.  There may be just a few people out there who are actually happy about this problem the ones who own roof and gutter repair companies.  Those companies had a surge of customers today.   Workers spent the day chipping away ice and snow, clearing gutters, and drying out wet carpets at homes across the Tri-State.  Because all the wet, messy, melting snow isn't just an outdoor problem for many homeowners.
     14 neighbors at a Green Township apartment complex are having similar problems.  Roofers say most of the problems are caused by what's called ice damning.   Solid ice forms along the edge of a roof.   When the snow melts the ice damn traps the water.  The water sits on the roof for days then starts to leak through the walls.  It's happened to Kaye Heckman in the past.  But this year Heckman says she met the melting with a plan.  And those very busy roofers say you should do the same before the next time snow falls.
      Roofers say properly insulating your walls and ceilings and proper attic ventilation will help stop the heat in your home from melting the snow on your roof before it starts to melt on it's own.

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