HAZMAT responds to Beckjord Station

HAZMAT responds to Beckjord Station

NEW RICHMOND, OH (FOX19) - A HAZMAT crew responded to Beckjord Station Monday night for a reported small chemical spill that turned out to be water condensation dripping off a storage tank.

Authorities initially suspected a two-ounce spill of Hydrazine inside the plant. But Sally Thelen, a spokeswoman for Duke Energy, said the material was identified as water by 10 p.m.

Pierce Township Fire Department responded to the plant around 9 p.m.with HAZMAT crews.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, exposure to high levels of the chemical can cause irritation of the eyes, nose and throat as well as dizziness, headache and nausea. In high amounts, it can also cause damage to the liver, kidneys and central nervous system.

Hydrazine is commonly used in agricultural chemicals, textile dyes, photography chemicals and rocket fuel.

In August, 9,000 gallons of fuel were spilled from the plant into the Ohio River during what plant officials called a "routine transfer of fuel oil."

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Beckjord is scheduled to close in January 2015 because Duke assessed that it can not afford to update the facility to meet EPA requirements. The power units in the station are due to go out of use in 2015, according to Duke Energy officials.

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