Black Friday takes a tech spin to make shopping easier

Simply money: Black Friday takes a tech spin to make shopping easier

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Looking to snag the best deal this Black Friday? Instead of waiting in line hoping to get the deal you're after, pull out your smartphone instead and let it start working for you.

There are several apps on the market which allow consumers to price compare both before they venture out into the crowds and while they are in the thick of the throngs of holiday shoppers.

Like your credit card, don't leave home without these apps:

1. Compare online and in-store prices right from your phone: Price Grabber, Nextag, Slickdeals and RedLaser are all apps available on your iPhone and Android phones that allow users to price compare items so they aren't guessing whether what they're looking at is a great deal. RedLaser let's you use your smartphone's camera to scan the barcode to look up any item and compare it, while Slickdeals contains all of the Black Friday ads so you don't need to round them all up.

2. What aisle is that in? Chameleon is the iPhone app that will help you gut in and out of your favorite big box stores with ease. Where do you find that coffee maker on sale in Target? Chameleon will tell you which aisle it's in and how many are in stock. It's a real time saver on a day when there is no time to waste.

Macy's is also testing some new technology in its Cincinnati's stores this shopping season. The app, called Shopkick Beacons, will send personalized offers and deals as you walk throughout the store. It will also allow shoppers to see if certain items are in stock.

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