Snow make-up delays school Thanksgiving break

Snow make-up delays school Thanksgiving break

BATESVILLE, IN (FOX19) - Students in one southeastern Indiana school district are making up their first snow day Wednesday.

The day before Thanksgiving is the first available time for Batesville Community School Corporation to start making up missed class time due to snow.

This also is the first time school was scheduled to be off the day before Thanksgiving, but school officials decided earlier this year to make it a possible make-up day just in case of early snowfall.

Last year, the Batesville Community School Corporation used a total of 13 snow days.

This year, the school scheduled eight snow days: the day before Thanksgiving, Martin Luther King Jr., Day, the first week of spring break, and Good Friday.

The state of Indiana has an 180-day requirement for students to attend classes, said Batesville Superintendent Jim Roberts. The district gives students two weeks of winter and spring breaks, to that places more emphases on make-up days.

Roberts said they want to use scheduled snow days and not take away from the summer break.

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