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Shoppers already out for Thanksgiving Day sales


While airports and roads are packed with holiday travelers, some are staying home--kind of.

Some people are celebrating by camping out for a can't miss Black Friday deal.

At Best Buy in Florence, shoppers started camping out for Gray Thursday deals starting Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m. ahead of the store's scheduled opening of 5 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day.

"I'm number one. Number one! I'm going to be the first one in the door,” said Jamall Lewis, of Cincinnati.

Lewis is one of about a dozen that are making their home a cold sidewalk in front of the store.

"We got our tent put up finally. A nice big tent. We've got a heater we just got put together here,” said Tina Jarrell of Florence, who set up a propane heater to go along with her camp site.

The group is withstanding the cold for about 24 hours ahead of the store's opening on Thanksgiving. Aside from camping together, all of the people in line have one other thing in common.

“50-inch TV,” said Zachary Plunkett, who's camping with his fiancée.

“A new TV,” said Chuck Huff of Crittenden.

“There's a great deal on a Panasonic 50-inch TV,” said Robbie Early of Erlanger.

“50-inch flat screen TV,” Lewis told FOX19.

“The 50-inch Panasonic,” said Jarrell.

For many of these people, a campout on a cold curb for a TV with nothing but a book is merely an experience.

"It's an adventure. My wife has to work tomorrow. She gets up at 5 AM. She's going to go to bed early. It's something for me to do. It's an adventure,” Huff told FOX19 NOW.

But for others, a Thanksgiving weekend shopping excursion is more of a holiday tradition than turkey and stuffing. For one shopper, it's a tradition she's been doing for 10 years.

"I've been doing this since sophomore year. It used to be me and my dad, and now I always do it and he's somewhere else. That way we've got two different people at two different stores getting what everybody needs and calling each other,” said Early.

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