Spill closes pond in Fairfield Township neighborhood

Spill closes pond in Fairfield Township neighborhood

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - An oil spill caused a scare for those living near Walden Ponds Golf Club Friday morning in Fairfield Township.

Residents were given notice that the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency was going to be checking the lake, which is located off Golf Club Lane, for chemicals.

The fuel oil has a distinctive orange color because the fuel oil has actually broken down after sitting in a fuel tank for several years. An environmental services company was called in. They used a skimmer and absorbent pads to clean up the spill.

The spill with came from an oil tank beneath a 19th century mansion at the Walden Ponds golf course where General Manager, Andrew Crum, says fuel oil is no longer in use.

"The previous owner had some kind of fuel oil that they heated the mansion with, I guess, and there was a small leak," Crum said.

The oil found its way into a retention pond near golf course's 18th hole.  The oil also has a distinctive odor which was noticed last night by nearby residents who called the Fairfield Township fire department.

Fairfield Township Fire Chief, Tim Thomas' first priority was to keep the oil from spreading.

"It was very difficult to identify where the product was so we immediately placed some booms to catch any product that was moving on the water and we were able to identify a large pool of it was isolated to the one area. We put a boom across to try to contain it," Thomas said.

It's not clear how much oil spilled, but Crum says the leak is not significant. "They said it was a small leak. They haven't given me any kind of gallons or liters or whatever I just know that there was a leak."

A large vacuum truck was brought in to collect the oil skimmed off the pond's surface.  The oil killed some fish in the pond, but it's not clear how many.

The Fairfield Township Fire Department will be overseeing thermal treatment operations around the shoreline and banks around the ponds at waldon ponds golf course.

Meanwhile it's business was as usual at Walden Ponds golf course with several golfers on the links. 

The fire department says there is no threat to nearby residents and they expect to have the spill cleaned up within the next day or so.  

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