St. Bernard opens new safety center

St. Bernard opens new safety center

ST. BERNARD, OH (FOX19) - After the expansion of Interstate 75 forced St. Bernard's fire departments to relocate.  The village of St. Bernard is a little safer now with the addition of a new facility to house both its police and fire departments.

The new facility is now the face of St. Bernard's new image.

The facility was years in the planning, but it is state of the art and Mayor Bill Burkhardt says the hope is that it will set the tone for St. Bernard's revitalization.

"We just needed a gateway to our village that kind of stood out and that being our main gateway down there at Mitchell and Vine it just made sense," Mayor Burkhardt said.

St. Bernard lost its fire station because of Interstate 75 construction so Burkhardt says they designed the new building to be more than just a police and fire house.

"It'll also have room for other municipalities to come in and use our facility like Cincinnati police or Hamilton County or the state so it'll be full range. It has all kinds of training rooms in it so we'll be able to train our police and fire in house," Mayor Burkhardt said.

City councilman Steve Asbach says the new safety center is also intended to be convenient.

"We've got hospitals all around.  People always fighting traffic going out to Mason, Westchester, you know, we've had a great little secret for years and we're hoping to attract some of those people from the hospitals. A five minute commute beats an hour commute," Asbach said. 

Asbach says the hope is that it'll be the beginning of more good things to come.

"With a presence, you know, at the beginning of town...coming into town you've got this beautiful new facility and we're hoping with the Friars club and other things that are going on...we're just hoping that we can build St. Bernard to what it was, you know, years ago," Asbach said. 

There are no fire trucks, no equipment and no police cars, but move in is set for Dec 15.

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