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Still no answers as 2-year-old remains in hospital after alleged beating

Da'nya Williams. Da'nya Williams.
CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - A two-year-old baby is still recovering after an alleged brutal beating nearly two months ago, and family members of the baby are upset that
no charges have been filed.
Da'nya Williams is at Cincinnati Children's Hospital where police say she is breathing on her own and family say she's improved as the
weeks progress.
"I just pray in her ear all the time, just tell her I'm here for her and that everyone loves her," said Davon Williams, Da'nya's father.
Williams says Da'nya is his only child. In October, the toddler was taken to the hospital with severe injuries that left her unconscious and in ICU.. But as the weeks pass with no answers, Williams says police seem to be dragging their feet.
"It's so surreal that the police still hasn't done anything, it just doesn't make sense to me," said Williams.
At the time of the attack, the toddler was in the care of her mother and the mother's boyfriend at an apartment on Arborwood Drive in
Colerain Township. Williams believes the mother knew about issues of child abuse and she deserves to be charged just as much as anyone.

"Honestly I have no remorse for her, I don't care what happens to her honestly. I told her all the time don't leave don't leave her with
him and she would lie to us, still leave her with him. She was lying to her family about the whole situation," said Williams.
Hamilton County Job and Family Services confirms that they received two phone calls about the care of Williams between July and mid-October and Da'nya was hospitalized after a July incident. JFS says they later closed the case based on consultation with police. Da'nya's grandma says she was the last one to see the girl before this most recent incident.
"I feel so bad because I had to take her home and she didn't want to stay," said Awjj Williams, Da'nya's grandmother.
We're told Da'nya's mother has been visiting her daughter in the hospital every day, but no word on the boyfriend's whereabouts. Colerain
Police have questioned several people in the case, and confirm that charges are pending.
"She loved all of us and we love her and we just going to keep praying until she gets better. We're not going to give up," said Awjj Williams,
Da'nya's grandmother.
Colerain Police stress the outcome of the toddlers health and a lack of cooperation from suspects has led to the delay in this investigation.

They're hoping that the prosecutor will be able to file charges by the end of the year.

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